Gary Morris

Purchased Condo 2020

"I liked that Jennifer Hubenschmidt was very knowledgable. Her experience as an agent shown through, as Jennifer was familiar with virtually every condo complex we discussed.
Jennifer Hubenschmidt certainly reduced the stress level of what can be a very stressful process, that is, buying a new home. It took about a year for me to finally settle on a condo. During that time, Jeni never pressured me to make a quick decision. I remember Jeni mentioning several times that she didn't want me to settle for something. Rather, she wanted me to be very comfortable and sure about my purchase.


Gary Szostak

Sold Home 2020

"I think the ratings for each category says it all, again she was very helpful, understanding and I felt looked out for my best interest. It's important you have a good trusting relationship with your broker, which I did. Thanks Jeni"

Cindy Haas

Sold Home & 20 Acres of Land 2020

"The selling of my home was not the typical selling/moving situation. I perked/split my land/house before selling which resulted in 2 vacant land parcels and 1 house/land parcel to sell. This was a very long and stressful situation for me, and Jeni kept me calm! Jeni Hubenschmidt was instrumental in negotiating all parcels, which sold very quickly! The vacant land parcels sold within a week and the house/land sold in 2 weeks! I would definitely recommend Jeni Hubenschmidt!"


Aaron & Rebecca Terry

Sold Home & Purchased New Home 2020

"Highly recommended! Jeni gained our trust quickly in the relationship. The communication with Jeni and her team was phenomenal. I was not looking forward to the process of selling our home, but it was actually a very good experience. I was anticipating a lot of stress and there very little stress at all."


Shelly DeMoss

Sold Home & Purchased New Home 2020

"Very knowledgeable of the area.  A pleasure to work with."